Guatemalan Embroidered Camera Straps

January 03, 2019

embroidered vintage camera strap

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind, embroidered camera straps are every photographers dream accessory. Our Guatemalan camera straps started their lives as belts for the women of the Guatemalan highlands. Like the huipils used in our Guatemalan bags, the belts used in our camera straps are handmade and unique to the maker. Each pattern holds cultural significance to that maker. After 10 - 30 years, when that belt is to be replaced, we turn them into camera straps. Our makers find the best quality Guatemalan embroidered belts from markets, family and their local community and turn them into Guatemalan embroidered camera straps. Most typically the designs can be grouped into three categories: embroidered floral camera straps, embroidered geometric camera straps and embroidered geo-floral camera straps which are those, as the name suggests, that incorporate both styles. The camera straps are colourful! Most popular are the pinks and reds but with the growing popularity of slow made vintage embroidered camera straps, we are seeing clients wanting various colours as they see the camera straps as an accessory. Our makers are always on the lookout for the rare golds, browns and single colour straps.

What makes our Guatemalan embroidered camera straps just a bit more special - as with all of our products, we are always looking at how to improve. With the camera straps, we have reinforced the leather, sourced custom pivot lobster clasps and stainless steel camera attachments rings. Changing your strap is quick and easy!

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