FAQs / Philosophy

What is your trade philosophy?
We believe that a successful business must have happy customers and happy producers. Both groups must be treated fairly and with respect.

The majority of our products are handmade by indigenous artisans skilled in their craft. Many of our artisans are mothers and small investments and forward orders have a huge effect on them and their families - often allowing children to go to school and husbands to stay with the family instead of moving to seek work elsewhere. We believe that consumers, if given a choice, prefer slow fashion and investing in struggling communities. We believe that our slow fashion products are far superior to mass-produced products that last only a season due to poor quality or changing trends. We believe that small changes in buying habits can have huge impacts on communities that have seen their livelihoods taken by globalisation and mass production.

Thank you for your support and joining us in the slow fashion movement. 

New Arrivals
Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when new releases are ready to shop (go to the bottom of any page on our website to do this). In addition, follow us on Instagram and / or Facebook to keep up-to-date. We do not know exactly what is coming or when it will arrive although new products are released approximately every week or two.  The majority of our products are handmade, many by artisans that do not live near the cooperatives that we purchase through. Therefore, exact delivery schedules & inventories are not possible. On occasion a very small amount of new products are released. We will advise this on social media. We do not like to bombard our clients with emails when only a handful of items are loaded.

Unfortunately we cannot give sneak peaks or first dibs on our one-of-a-kind items. It is unfair to others who may also be waiting for a particular item to be released.

Subscribing to the Sunday Isle Newsletter
Simply go to the bottom of any page on our website to do this. You will then receive an email confirmation that will ask you to verify your subscription. If you do not receive the confirmation / verification email, please check your Junk folder or double check that you have entered your email correctly.

Subscribers are notified first of new releases and get early access to promotions & sales.

What to expect from our handmade products
Characteristics of a handmade product! Little marks or an uneven stitch that shows someone made it by hand not by machine. These will not effect the product - in fact they add to the beauty and uniqueness of it. Our huipils take weeks even months to make. The wool or cotton is often gathered by hand, dyed with natural pigments by hand and then woven by hand.

The camera straps use vintage embroidery and it should be expected that there will be signs of age - loose threads, discolourations, worn areas. We inspect all of these items and pull any that we feel are too vintage. These items are sold in our seconds sales or donated to charities for fundraising. 

The leather on our products may have marks or areas of varying colour - this is indicative of authentic full grain leather. Full grain is the highest quality leather available and what our clients adore. The leather is not processed on machinery. The leather is tanned and stained by hand, so variations between bags, even within a bag, is to be expected.   Our bags are handmade from beginning to end. There will be quirky and unique characteristics which may include uneven stitches, double stitches, loose threads, etc. Hallmarks of an authentic handmade product. REMEMBER - the artistry of a handmade product lies in its idiosyncrasies and unique character as well as it's customary beauty. 

What if there is a sale after I purchase?
As a small online business our prices change in response to stock, promotions, supply ability of our makers and availability of the raw materials our makers use.  We try to have promotions / discounts when we can but because the majority of our items are one of a kind or very small batch items, we are not able to adjust prices or offer a refund or credit for the difference in price. 

Why does the listed price differ from the checkout price?
If you see a difference in an item's price on the checkout page, this is due to the currency conversion. You may be looking at product prices in your local currency but all orders are charged in Australian Dollars. For example an Antigua Convertible bag may be US$238 but when checking out AU$289. 

What is an Originals Collection bag?
The Originals are all one-of-a-kind bags. Each one is a completely unique bag. Most of these bags use Guatemalan huipils - the traditional blouses worn by Guatemalan women. Huipils take months to weave and last for 10-20 years. After this, huipils are turned into other items, our favourites being huipil bags! The wool bags are not so distinctly different but still unique from one another. The wool bags are made from handwoven wool rugs. Although the designs and colours may be similar, the bags will not be the same. Each weaver has their own technique and each bag will use different portions of the rug.

How can I purchase a bag from The Originals Collection?
When we receive new stock, we will post the individual bags online as well as make announcements on Instagram and other social media sites, that new stock is available. If you see a bag that you like, please purchase directly from our website. Remember - The Originals Collection is a collection of one-of-a-kind bags. We know from social media interactions and web traffic that most of these items generate a lot of interest.

Can I place an item on hold? / If I put an item in my shopping cart, will it be on hold?
Unfortunately no we cannot hold items and adding an item to your shopping cart does not mean it is held. Other customers may also be looking at the same item and may have added it to their shopping cart as well. The item is sold to the person who completes the checkout process first. If you have the item in your cart and someone else completes purchase before you do, you will be notified when you begin to process your order. We understand that this can be frustrating but with such a large portion of our products being one-of-a-kind (The Originals Collection), this is the only fair way we can sell the products. Upon completion of your order, you will receive an order confirmation.

All shipping related questions, please see Shipping page



Will your next restock include every collection that is sold out?
Not necessarily. Some items take longer to make and can only be restocked periodically.

Can I place a custom order for a Guatemalan bag?
The huipils that are used started their lives as traditional blouses worn by Guatemalan women. After 10-20 years as a blouse, they are thoroughly cleaned and turned into huipil bags. A custom bag is not possible at this time. 

Does my Guatemalan Huipil Bag require any special care?
No. Our Originals Collection is made to last and last and last. They do not require special care. If you choose, you can use leather protector on the leather. You can spot clean the huipil if required - just mild soap, water and a clean, lint-free cloth. Your bag may have a few loose threads - don't worry, this is normal. Just use scissors to cut any off. Your bag will last for many years (my first huipil bag is 26 years old and still going strong). If repairs are required in future years, a leather repairer or shoe / bag repairer is ideal.

Do you accept returns? please see Returns page https://www.sundayisle.com.au/pages/shipping 


Please email hello@sundayisle.com.au for further assistance. Thank you!