Desert Rose Hand-loomed Floor Rug

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Our South American floor rugs are 100% wool, hand dyed, hand-loomed and ethically made. 

100% wool
100% natural dyes
140cm x 80cm
made in Guatemala
heavy weight textile

Please note - our South American floor rugs are handmade so there will be slight variances between each rug.  This is the reason they are so gorgeous! 

Why hand-loomed rugs are so important to Sunday Isle?  With the mass production of textiles designed to replicate cultural pieces and the emergence of synthetic fibres, traditional 100% wool rugs from South America are becoming scarce. The weavers are under pressure to produce products at lower costs. We believe this traditional art should be coveted and supported not squeezed out of the market. Purchasing rugs from a fair trade cooperative that ensures the sellers (often the weaver or immediate family members) are paid a fair price is how we can support and encourage these traditional textile makers.