Frazada 74 - Newly Woven

From the maker's hands to yours. Newly woven frazada. Perfect as a floor rug, throw, wall art, picnic or camping blanket. Hand woven in two parts then stitched together. All one-of-a-kind. The colours, patterns, versatility & durability are legendary.

100% sheep's wool
100% natural dyes
164cm x 132cm
made in Peru
heavy weight textile
please expect visible imperfections - these are handmade textiles woven over many weeks, in the homes of the makers. 

With the mass production of textiles designed to replicate cultural pieces and the emergence of synthetic fibres, traditional 100% wool frazadas are becoming scarce. The weavers are under pressure to produce products at lower costs. We believe this traditional art should be coveted and supported. Purchasing authentic frazadas from a fair trade cooperative that ensures the makers are paid a fair price is how we can support and encourage these traditional textile makers.